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The Hines Family

Lance and Mindy Hines, married in 1991, and immediately began their ministry journey together, serving in Colorado, Tennessee, and Texas before feeling the call of God to serve in Southern Africa.


Lance and Mindy were blessed with three children. They're eldest, Tyler, together with his wife Nicole, pastors a church in rural West Texas and has three children.


Austin Hines serves as an AGWM career missionary, focusing on pastoral care for missionary families globally.


Baylea, married to Zach Mann, works with  Convoy of Hope.


Each of their children, are deeply devoted to Jesus, and active in ministry locally and abroad.


Missionary Service

As ordained ministers with the Assemblies of God, Lance and Mindy applied for career appointment as Global Workers through AGWM in 1999. The Hines' arrived in Zambia, Africa, July 2001. The Hines family moved to Mozambique in 2007 to reopen the Mozambique field, which had been closed for many years.


In January 2014, Lance was asked to serve as AGWM’s Area Director for Southern Africa, encompassing Angola, Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Sao Tome & Principe, South Africa,

Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


Following a short assignment in Malawi, Lance and Mindy moved to South Africa, where they currently lead approximately 92 AGWM global workers, and work alongside national Southern Africa church leaders.

The Hines are passionate about ensuring that unreached people in unreached communities have access to the Gospel through healthy local churches. Their mission is carried out by; reaching the lost, planting churches, training pastors and leaders, and serving people and communities in great need.

Reflecting on over two decades of missionary service, the Hines remain thankful that they said “YES!” when Jesus called! They have witnessed God's faithfulness in good times and bad. Lance's early experience of being carjacked and Mindy's nine bouts of malaria within 18 months of their arrival on the continent, tested their resilience. Yet, God faithfully provided miraculous interventions—Lance's life was spared after repeated threats that the carjackers planned to kill him, and Mindy was healed from malaria, with no recurrence since 2003.

Lance and Mindy feel grateful for God's call on their lives and for the privilege of serving the wonderful people of Southern Africa!

Vision for Southern Africa

The Hines’ vision is to see a healthy church within walking distance of everyone in Southern Africa!


They pursue their vision in partnership with supporters in the USA who are committed to pray, provide financial support, and if God calls – even come to join a team!


The mission is founded upon four biblical pillars: reaching the lost, planting and establishing healthy local churches, training pastors and developing leaders, and serving those in need.


A Continued Call

The Hines' hearts resonate with God's call and Isaiah's eager reply: "'Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?' Then I (Isaiah) said, 'Here am I; send me.'" (Isaiah 6:8).


Twenty-four years later, Lance and Mindy Hines continue saying; "Here I am – send me!"

An Invitation To Partnership

The Hines can fulfill God’s call, only if they are sent.

Missions work from the beginning has been a partnership…some send – other’s go.


Lance and Mindy invite you to partner with them in three primary ways.


1) Pray, 5 minutes a day X 5 days a week for Southern Africa.

 2) Give, monthly financial support or a one time offering.

3) Go and take the Gospel, across the street or around the world. 


Thank you for prayerfully considering what you might be able to do to ensure the Gospel makes it to everyone in Southern Africa, while there is still time!

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