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Mission Report

Southern Africa

We Commit


AGWM Africa's missionary family embraces our collective calling to an increasingly redeemed and transformed Africa. Our vision and mission form an endless echo of the mission of God to redeem and
transform the hearts of people.

In the AGWM Africa missionary family, there are no rockstars and no heroes. We recognize the true heroes are our partners: national pastors and church leaders who slug it out day after day, week after week, year after year, decade after decade - because they believe the mission of God is worth it. Together we work side by side to plant, nurture and partner in local contexts where Jesus is redeeming and transforming the least, the last and the lost.

In some places, AGWM Africa's missionary family knows the excitement of explosive team growth, while others continue praying year after year for team members.


The photo below, is a result of a long-term, God inspired vision.
In 2005, AGWM Africa did not have a single missionary in Mozambique. Today - there are five AGWM missionaries assigned to Mozambique, and three AGWM missionary associates.

Recently, at Africa's One House conference, God miraculously raised up a team from among our AGWM Africa missionary family to go and serve in the country of Chad. For years, we have prayed Jesus would call missionaries to Chad. Jesus has answered. We rejoice.

We sense the spirit of God breathing life and hope over countries all around the continent who have languished, waiting for missionaries. We trust God as He continues raising up teams for an increasingly redeemed and transformed Africa!


Every Tribe. Every Nation

The Cabo Del Gado, Mozambique's Northern most province, is home to Southern Africa's largest UPG's. Gripped by the darkness of Islaam, the northern province has extinguished every attempt to plant churches. Efforts to reach this area have failed over and over again.

The Macua aggressively resisted the Gospel, but three years ago, God ordained a meeting and subsequent friendship between missionary, Joel Charest and a Macua leader. The Charest's currently hold bi-monthly soccer outreaches with Macua, where over 300 children play soccer, and receive an age appropriate presentation of the Gospel. The people of the area embrace the Charest's ministry. Recently, the neighboring village of Sicura allowed the mission to purchase land to build a church.

Recently, we received an update on the construction progress for the first church plant in Sicura. A team of local Macua people are helping with construction.


Out of seventeen construction team members, twelve
were muslim.

I am reminded of how the children of Israel asked the Egyptians to hand over their treasures the night before the Hebrew's departure. The treasures of darkness, are being redeemed! God is building his church among the Macua. The grip of Islaam, and the gates of hell itself - can not prevail.

As we advance in enemy territory, those on the front lines pay a great price. In the past few months, Northern Mozambique has seen a spike in militant Islaam. One of the provincial leaders was recently executed in the street in front of his home. A few days later, Islaamists burned the homes of 40 Christian's in one village. The pastor of the church escaped into the bush. Pray for our brothers & sisters who are persecuted and pay a high price for
serving Jesus.


To The Greatest Evangelism The World Has Ever Known

AGWM Southern Africa commits to the greatest evangelism the world has ever known. On any given day in Africa, it is hard to fathom the depths of poverty, sickness, corruption, death and hopelessness. But the most devastating reality in Africa is lostness. The only cure for Africas lostness - is Jesus.

Campus ministries in Southern Africa face, engage, confront and beat back lostness day after day. The hope of the gospel is redeeming and transforming the lives of Africas young, up-and-coming leaders at a staggering rate. From broken circumstances, Jesus calls forth young people like Alfonso and uses them to build his kingdom.

The mural in the photo below, written in Portuguese, issues a rebuke and condemns corruption.

I didnt realize how prophetic and redemptive this picture of Afonso was, until after it was taken. When Afonso was a boy, government leaders kidnapped his father, shot him, set him on fire and left him to die. His father was found in a ditch and taken to a hospital where he recorded what happened. Moments later he died. It is believed the nurses were made to poison him.


Afonso has been on the campus ministry leadership team for 3 years, is the keyboardist in the worship band, and is a humble servant leader, weekly discipling people into the Kingdom of God.

Isnt just like God to take a story of brokenness and redeem it? Afonso and students like him are becoming, transformational, servant-hearted leaders across Africa.

ed35f7_4a6031c7d10e477598fd970175d491aa~mv2 (1).jpg

In Zambia

Missionaries with a medical background recently partnered with a local A/G church for community evangelism. The missionary's, offered cervical cancer screening for the women in the community where cervical cancer destroys many lives.

The community witnessed the transformational compassion of Christ, and many turned to Jesus!

Addressing a need which strikes at the heart of the community, and affects many families boosted the churchs credibility and added value to the ladies in the community.

Its incredible to see how God takes the specialized skills of missionaries, breaks them, multiplies them, and then uses them to meet people at their point of need.


To The Unfinished Task

Southern Africa is ripe, respondent and poised to take their place in the mission of God.


We are often reminded of the moment Jesus instructed Peter to let down the nets one more time, after a long night of fishing. Obediently, Peter let down the nets, and gathered a harvest so bountiful the nets began to stretch and break. Such is the case in Southern Africa, where church leaders struggle to conserve the vast harvest of souls. Hard working, committed servants of the Lord desperately need training so the harvest does not slip away.

As we train national church leaders, the greatest evangelism the world has ever seen - is within reach. Through the power of the Spirit, the tide turns as we mobilize and strengthen Africa's capable and committed.

Bible schools, extension sites, and church planting training centers are cropping up around the continent. Training curriculum for church leaders, which is contextually relevant is becoming increasingly available in heart languages.


In Angola

Pastors are receiving much needed Biblically sound training.

Bible Schools in Luanda and Huambo are at capacity, with waiting lists of hundreds of young ministers who are eager to be trained. In Angola, churches are being planted at such a rapid rate, they are out-pacing training. It is common for pastors in Angola to have 4-6 congregations for whom they provide care and guidance.  

While attending a recent Bible School graduation, a young church leader enthusiastically introduced himself to one of the AGWM missionaries. Curious to hear about the young man's ministry, the missionary asked a few questions and discovered that this young man had been asked to lead a brand new group of believers just two weeks after he himself came to faith in Christ. Can you imagine? 

The need for Biblically sound training, pastoral training in. Southern Africa, can not be overstated.  

A Healthy Church Within Walking Distance of Every
Southern African


What is your part in all of this? 
What is God speaking to you about?
How can you partner with us in Southern Africa?

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