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A Very Different Life

A few years ago, we met a young man who Lance and I have grown to love and trust. He is 11 days younger than Tyler, our oldest son. But the life our young Mozambican friend has endured - bears very little resemblance to the life our children knew.

Our friend never met his mother, and his father passed away when he was only 9. After the death of his father, the stepmother kicked our young friend out of the family home. With nowhere to turn, he began living on the streets.

After being on the streets a few years, (ages 11-14) he received an invitation to live at the Assemblies of God urban youth center for street boys in Maputo where he began to go to school, learned about the love of God and the plan of God for his life. In the loving and nurturing environment, our friend grew and developed a Godly character and love for Jesus.

On December 7th, our friend will graduate from High School. He is twenty-four. One day, he dreams of going to university. For now he needs the daily help of the Lord as he launches into young adulthood without any parental support. He needs a good job and a kind-hearted boss, would you pray with us to that end? We told him that there are people all around the world praying - for HIM...with tears in his eyes - he nodded his head and said, "Thanks." Speaking life and hope over this dear young man has been a profound privilege through the years.

Thank you in advance for praying and for sending us to express the love of Christ to this young friend and others like him.

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