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Don't Drop the Net

“Don’t drop the net!”

Imagine – Fishermen and women straining to pull in nets bulging with fish. I can almost hear them, calling out to each other, “HOLD ON! Don’t’ drop the net!” Working as a team - each one digs deep, tightening their grip, pulling harder, and heaving with all their might. They are committed to bringing in every single fish! For them, it’s all about the fish. Their effort, time, energy and thought are focused on one thing – fish!

Joining the great fishing expedition are people from every corner of the world, representing all walks of life and hailing from every background imaginable. Committed people take their place around God’s great net of souls. Each one clinging to their portion of the net as we work in harmony and concerted effort to lift every fish into the boat.

May God help each of us to: tighten our grip, find strength in Him, work together and focus on the fish! A storm is rolling in…and time is running out.

Please join us in praying that others will answer the call to take their place around the net!

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