• Lance and Mindy Hines


Social media is replete with #goals for everything imaginable. In Southern Africa, we have goals for little ladies such as these! The end goal is that they will grow up to be lovers of Jesus and valued workers in His harvest field. So how do we make sure they achieve these goals? Members of the Southern Africa missionary family train church workers present the gospel in relevant ways that children grasp and internalize! In Botswana, school assemblies are conducted to reach children who do not have the opportunity to attend church. In Mozambique, soccer outreaches have penetrated a resistant Muslim village offering the hope of Jesus to children who were trapped in darkness. In Namibia, kids camps present the hope and love of Christ, and offer children the opportunity to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Southern African women work hard. Their strength of mind, heart and body is an example worth following. Wives and young mothers are key influencers within their families, churches and communities; while young single women are distinguishing themselves in the work place and in ministry positions. In Southern Africa, many women in the prime of life have been dealt a hard blow by HIV/AIDS. In Zambia, the Assemblies of God clinic reaches out to the most vulnerable members of the community reaching many hopeless and desperate people with the message of the Gospel. The compassionate, nurturing nature of women equips them especially to serve the needs of their communities. Through Community Health Evangelism, people are coming to Jesus and finding hope in the face of difficulty and pain. Women's ministries in Malawi offer support and encouragement to young women, challenging them to reach beyond themselves and impact the next generation for Jesus! Together, women are spreading the gospel and discipling believers!

"Gogo" (Grandma) is the embodiment of #GOALS. Greatly respected in our Southern African culture, her powerful prayer moves heaven and earth. These women are survivors. Nothing has ever come easy for them, and they do not expect that it ever should. Ease and comfort are strangers to them, hardship and poverty have been their way of life for decades. Humility, strength, and great faith have been their reward. Many of these women live as widows who daily depend on the Lord for sustenance. In Malawi and Zambia, the team focuses on compassionate ministry to widows in the community. In Malawi, we are working to provide a corn meal grinder for one community of widow's. The grinder will provide a means of generating revenue as the community pay's by the pound to have dried maize ground into the staple food of N'shima. Ministry GOAL's for the women of Southern Africa encapsulates every stage of life from childhood to old age. May the Lord grant wisdom, determination, strength and grace as we reach women for Jesus!

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