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"There is no neutral ground in the universe. Every square inch, every split second, is claimed by God and counterclaimed by Satan." C.S. Lewis

Regardless of our geographical assignment, the spot on the timeline of eternity we happen to occupy - we are unified in one purpose...the quest for which Jesus died - the salvation of mankind. One thing mattered to Jesus above all else, one thing moved God toward the compassionate heart-wrenching sacrifice of Jesus, His only son. It was the lost condition of the human race.

The battle lines were drawn, they remain drawn thing at stake - souls.

The visiting woman rose from her seat, wanting to join the others who had responded to the invitation to come know Jesus...From midway back in the crowd, I noticed her; pale dress, draped over her thin frame and contrasting dark skin...she was bent at the waist. She made her way down the row of and just as she reached the end, as if changing her mind - she turned around, and began making her way back toward her seat and away from the alter. One of the women of the church, gently put her arm around her waist, and urged her toward the front of the tent church. As the visiting woman approached the pulpit, she entered an area where she was flanked on either side by the elders who were seated, women on one side - men on the other, the visiting woman was perspiring and became unable to stand. She sat down on the ground, and initially appeared to be very ill, however it became evident as her face contorted and she became vocal, that an evil spirit was tormenting and controlling her. She was in agony, and desperately needed to be free. The body of Christ began to minister to her; Jesus responded and brought complete freedom to this dear lady. She experienced such comfort from the Lord, that she laid down on a mat at the back of the church and drifted off into a peaceful sleep with a beautiful expression of relief and peace on her face.

The condition this woman was in, is not uncommon in our part of the world...darkness has had a firm grip for centuries - but the light of the gospel is breaking through. Jesus is triumphing over the darkness, and we declare that Jesus is LORD in Southern Africa! Others like this dear woman still cry out to be FREE from the bondage that ensnares and entangles them. In many cases, they have sought for help, sought for freedom - and have only found more bondage.

There are battles to be fought, and victories to be won. There is no lostness so great that Jesus’ Lordship is not greater still. We must recognize the greatness of our Savior. You may be in a battle, believing for a loved not grow weary and loose hope. Our Savior is able. Continue to battle. Continue to pray. Continue to love. He is not willing that ANY should perish.

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