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Next Generation Harvest

In 2001, we met Redson (pictured above) in Zambia, as a small group of influential, apostolic-minded, young people banded together to minister in local schools and churches. We had the joy of working with this incredible group, who were passionately committed to seeing children and youth come to know and love Jesus. Through their efforts, a transformational movement gained traction and took off!

These young, emerging leaders impacted their local churches throughout Lusaka, who responded by broadening their church based ministries to meet the growing needs of children and youth. Zambia's, National Youth department grew stronger and expanded under the leadership of President, Lipenga Banda.

This group of young, Zambian leaders grew, to hold significant sway in their local churches and communities. Today they are known as Godly, faithful, respected, men and women. Their passion to see Jesus transform lives continues to spread and impact others.

Thanks to Redson, and others like him, a great HARVEST continues in Zambia! Churches have been planted in dark areas, previously untouched by the power of the Gospel. Believers receive training as they grow to be mature disciples of Christ. Church leaders have greater access to leadership development, and a new Bible School is preparing young ministers to effectively serve their local congregations.

In those early days, we could not imagine the far reaching influence God would give this band of committed, passionate, energetic young people. Because of them, seed continues to be planted in the fertile soil of Zambia - and God continues to cause abundant HARVEST to spring up.

Looking at this photo, almost 19 years after we first met Redson and the other members of that incredible group, we can't help but smile. God's great harvest continues, and the next generation of Zambians is being transformed by the power off the Gospel.

Harvest is a miraculous partnership between God and man. In Luke 10:2, Jesus says that the harvest is plentiful, and then he admonishes us to pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send laborers into his harvest. This is the cry of our heart. Lord, send laborers so that we are effective in conserving the plentiful harvest in Southern Africa!

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