• Lance and Mindy Hines

Pastoral Training in Angola

The men and women you see in this photo are students and church leaders in Angola. Each one sacrifices, because they value the education they are receiving. Pastors in Angola often lead several congregations, and walk miles upon miles between locations to take care of their members. God has given the Angolan pastors tremendous faith and courage. These men and women are the current and future church leaders in Angola. The team of missionaries in Angola work tirelessly to provide instruction in pastoral minstry and leadership development for these beautiful students. The greatest need in Angola, and throughout Southern Africa, remains pastoral training. As pastors grow in ther knowledge of the Lord and His word, they initiate organic, grass-roots initiatives to meet the needs of their communities. Those initiatives often pave the way for the entrance of the gospel. Everyone benefits from the training these pastors and church leaders receive. May the Lord bless the missionary team, each partner in the United States, and each Angolan pastor and church leader who values learning, growing and serving their congregations well!

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