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Serving the Poor

Her hand in his, barefooted and ragged...I wonder when the tiny pair of siblings last had a decent meal. I blink back tears as I imagine my own children, who never knew a day of poverty, never wondered where their next meal would come from or where they would sleep at night. As I ponder the tiny siblings and their daily struggle to survive - I feel the tragic reminder of their spiritual darkness hover over me. Spiritual poverty is far worse than physical poverty. There will be many poor, sick, desperate and suffering people who make it to heaven - but there will not be a single lost person in heaven. Lostness, is the worst of all human conditions. The tiny siblings need Jesus...more than they need food, clothing or shelter. They need Jesus. Living in an Islamic village tucked tightly in one of the darkest areas of Southern Africa, the children have grow up with no knowledge of Jesus. But recently - the compassion expression of Christ's love has started to penetrate the darkness. These children, and hundreds of others just like them are coming to know Jesus... As we serve the poor, opportunities to share the love of Christ are opening up in the darkest places. Serving those in need is always worth the effort. Is there something you can do to become more involved in serving others? If so, we challenge you to join us in being the hands and feet of Jesus to the lost and hurting world.

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