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The Dreams God Dreams...

This photo of the Mozambique Missionary team is the fulfillment of one of our long-term, God-inspired dreams...

We can still remember praying God would call people to Mozambique so the amazing harvest of souls could be gathered and conserved effectively.

Things haven't been easy in Mozambique, and many who answered the call to Mozambique have paid dearly for their commitment. More than 10 years after we started praying, Jesus has lovingly answered the cry of our hearts.

In 2007, Lance and I re-opened the field in Mozambique, and just over 10 years later there is a growing, thriving team of missionaries serving in Mozambique. Joel & Adrienne Charest; Matt & Andrea Marlin; Weston & Allison Stover; Toby & Melinda Magill; Kelsei Fortenberry; and Jared & Kaila Shoultz (not pictured) now make up the Mozambique Missionary team.

To God be all the glory for calling this amazing team to serve the wonderful people of Mozambique. A very big thanks to each missionary that said, "YES" to Jesus, and came to serve.

In Southern Africa...there is an urgent need for missionaries. We currently have three countries with no missionary, and two countries with only one missionary. Only two of the eight countries we serve have missionary teams.

One missionary serves two countries at once. There is currently ONE AGWM Africa missionary for every 5.5 million people in Southern Africa. To say that help is needed - would be a gross understatement.

We believe God is about to undertake a miracle of providing workers for Southern Africa. Even now, two families are in the process of raising funds to come and serve. By faith, we believe they are just the beginning!

What is your part? Can you pray? Can you give? Can you come and serve?

PRAY I'm asking the Lord to burden the hearts of at least 100 people who will commit to pray 5 minutes per day that God would send workers.

GIVE I'm asking the Lord to release redeeming resources - so that provision for budgets and projects flow freely. God does not need our money - but gives each of us an opportunity to reach out by investing our resources.

GO I'm asking the Lord to call people to come join the team...for people to put aside fear and comfort and familiarity - so that Africa can be increasingly redeemed and transformed.

The countries in desperate need of workers are: Angola, Malawi, Namibia, Zimbabwe

I wonder...

What are the dreams God is dreaming of for you and I during 2018?

What does HE want to do in you during 2018?

What does He want to accomplish through you during 2018?

Thank you - for all you do to make the good news of Christ accessible for ALL PEOPLE. May the Lord bless you, keep you, and make his face to shine upon you during 2018 and beyond.

For The Cause of Christ in Southern Africa,

Lance & Mindy Hines

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