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The Greater and The Lesser

I've never met anyone who loves a bargain as much as I do. A devoted thrift and garage sale shopper, I have been known to uncerimoniously dig - in search of a treasure someone else discarded. Needless to say, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of my favorite days!

I came across a humorous story written by a security guard at Target about a particularly committed Black Friday shopper, who waited in line 13 hours to be the very first customer to enter the store. On sale that year were big ticket items including electronics, home furnishings, toys, and jewelry. The patient shopper was thrilled to be first as the doors swung opened...Imagine the security guard's shock when he saw the customer pushing an overflowing shopping cart - of bath towels. Yes, this particular customer stood in line for 13 hours - to buy bath towels.

I sometimes behave like the shopper in the story as I focus on lesser things (like towels) and miss out on greater things, like the promise of God's blessing when I give to the cause of Christ - so that ALL people have the opportunity to hear.

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach - I hope you find awesome deals so you can bless the socks off of your family and friends at Christmas.

A few days ago - Lance and I heard about a new initiative called, "Giving Tuesday." As we shop till we drop on Black Friday and then again on Cyber Monday - we have the opportunity to shop from our heart on Giving Tuesday!

Lance and I would like to invite you to join us and participate in Giving Tuesday. We have a few initiatives in mind that are really in need of a financial boost - so we are Giving on Tuesday!

In Southern Africa some of the greatest needs involve evangelism, discipleship, church planting, building churches, drilling water wells, ministry to street boys, medical outreaches, Bible distribution, training and developing church leaders. If those ministries resonate with you, we invite you to participate on Giving Tuesday by sending an offering to help with our missions work among the people of Southern Africa.

To give: click on the Invest button on the right of your screen


To give: click on the link below

God Bless you as you invest in the cause of Christ!

With appreciation,

Lance & Mindy

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