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Training Leaders

Jesus prioritized training. The miracle working accounts of Jesus healing the sick and driving out demons is characterized by him teaching the crowds. Jesus went a step further and called twelve disciples who He poured His life into day and night for three years. The word, disciple means student.

The lessons Jesus offered his disciples, matched the culture and context of that day. In order for training to be effective - the student must be able to relate to the lessons. The twelve became students of who Jesus was - more than the words he spoke. The disciples witnessed Jesus every day life. The disciples had the benefit of formal training, where Jesus took time to instruct them in the methodology of ministry. Jesus taught the disciples how to minister the Good News in ways that were culturally relevant, and contextually significant.

In addition to formal training, the disciples benefited from the informal training that took place as they observed Jesus in daily life. Jesus utilized every opportunity to train the disciples. In Southern Africa, our greatest hope for completing the task of evangelization hinges on the training of pastors and church leaders.

In the photo above, Zambian pastors and church leaders celebrate their graduation from the Christian Leadership Training Institute. Time, effort and resources are strategically invested when pastors receive quality, Pentecostal training in centers around Southern Africa.

Our aim is that every single church in Southern Africa will be led by a trained, Spirit filled pastor who is passionate about reaching their community for Christ.

Isn't that what you and I want? We want our congregation to be led by a pastor who is trained and effective in ministry - the people of Southern Africa desire the same.

Would you pray with us so that relevant and appropriate training becomes increasingly accessible to each Pastor and church leader in Southern Africa.

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