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What A Difference A Day Makes

The day started like all the rest. An early sunrise in Mozambique broke over the neighboring hillside and into the little valley where the stick church stood. For years, the rudimentary building served as the meeting place for the Assemblies of God church in Goba, Mozambique. If you look just beyond the shiny new tabernacle structure - you will see the fragile little building. Can you imagine what it was like to attend Sunday morning worship during one of Mozambique's torrential rain storms? The thriving church needed a larger place to meet. Thanks to faithful partners like you, this church along with three others received tabernacle structures during the first few weeks of August.

Since 2007, the Assemblies of God in Mozambique has more than tripled in size. The rate of growth is staggering making it impossible to keep up with need for infrastructure. It is not uncommon for congregations of 200+ to meet under trees to worship the Lord, preach the gospel and participate in discipleship classes. Several months ago, we visited a congregations on a Saturday and discovered several groups of church members, sitting in the sand under trees for their weekly their discipleship classes. The following morning, they gathered under a larger tree for Sunday worship service. Church planting throughout Southern Africa is strengthened as we partner with the local congregation by providing tabernacle structures. In most cases, after the tabernacle is placed church experiences a swell of growth as curious members of the community come to look at the building and find Jesus.

In the face of profound poverty, our brothers and sisters worship and lift up the name of Jesus. They are an inspiration, reminding me of Paul's admonition to be content in all things and to rejoice in the Lord - always! These Mozambican's have learned the secret...the joy of the Lord is their strength!

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